How to get here?

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By bus

You can come by bus from Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu! 

The bus station is located in the center of Viljandi and just 10 minutes from Traditional Music Center on foot. Inner city buses run regularly from early morning to late night. 

Check out inter-city bus schedules HERE and inner city bus timetables HERE.

By train

You can comfortably get from Tallinn to Viljandi by train six times a day, seven days a week. The journey starts at Balti station, meanders through picturesque Estonia and gets to Viljandi in a bit more than two hours.

The train station is located in Kantreküla, Viljandi. Traditional Music Center is 20 minutes from there on foot. If you’re coming by bike then you can comfortably store it in train and get from the train station to the festival in ten minutes. There are also buses from train station. Taxis are also usually waiting at the train station to get you to the festival in just five minutes. The average taxi fare in Viljandi is 4 € – 7 €.

Train schedules are available HERE.

By car

The streets of Viljandi are narrow and parking spaces are limited so we advise you to leave your car at home. You can get to Viljandi very easily on a train or bus and there are local buses here which go round Viljandi. If you have to take your car, then it’s worth keeping in mind that parking in Viljandi is free and the chances of finding a parking space are higher further away from the festival area. 

Additional information

Getting around the city is easiest on foot, with everything within 15 minutes walking distance, but buses also run regularly.  You can leave your bicycle in the bicycle parking lot. 

If you happen to get lost and wander too far, here are some taxi numbers (add +372): 1200 / 1700 / 15444 / 1300 / 1242 / 433 3833. The normal fee for a taxi is around 4 – 7 €. When faced with questions, be sure to ask any of our helpful volunteers for help or call Viljandi Tourist Information Centre at (+372) 43 30 442.