Children's area

St John’s churchyard

THU 27.07 at 13.00–22.00
FRI 28.07 at 12.00–22.00
SAT 29.07 at 12.00–22.00
SUN 30.07 at 12.00–20.00

Activities guided by the Päikesekillu Perekeskus every day at 15.00–16.30
Results of the interactive game every day at 19.00.
On Friday and Saturday at 12.00 fairytales by storyteller Jaak.

All children are very welcome at the festival! All children under 12 (included) can enter the festival for free. We’ve got a children’s area at St John’s churchyard where we’ve set up a playing area for children.
NB! Please supervise your children in the children’s area!

On every festival day, a play guide from Päiksekillu Perekeskus organises guided activites for children. Together, they learn to play with simple things. What can you do with rocks and pinecones? How to build a giant tic tac toe? How to dance like nobody's watching? On Friday and Saturday, the children’s area is opened by storyteller Jaak and his amazing fairytales.

We are also setting up an interactive game on the festival area where you can test your orienteering skills and knowledge of the Viljandi Folk Music Festival. All children and child-minded individuals who have a smart phone and internet access can take part. Every evening, we summarise the results and invite the players to join us at the children’s area at 19 o’clock where we acknowledge the best players.

We’ve also set up a baby tent for parents with small children where they can feed and change their babies comfortably. You can hide there with your little one if the festival atmosphere becomes a bit too much.


  • Get a sticker for your child from the ticket tent where you can write their name and your contact details in case you part your ways unexpectedly. If this were to happen, ask them to go to the meetup point under the oak tree in the Children’s area.
  • Don’t take any toys with you from the Children's area.
  • Don’t let your children climb on electric cables, these are not climbing ropes or swings. Even if your child is very light.
  • The stage isn’t a climbing frame for children as it will disturb other guests. Even if the performer is okay with it. Even if the parents are okay with it.
  • The walls of Castle Hill are dangerous and are not meant for climbing. Even if the climber has done so a hundred times before and nothing has happened!
  • You can rent headphones for your child from the Traditional Music Center to protect your child’s ears. Remember that loud sound can be tolerable and enjoyable for adults but the same level of noise might not be safe for children.
Important numbers:
emergency 112, festival headquarters +372 5814 4114.