We strongly advise against parking in the old town area. Several streets (Lossi, Pikk, Munga, Sepa, J. Laidoneri St) are closed, and no parking is allowed there. 

From July 23 to 29, the following parking lots and parking spaces in the town centre will not be available for public use: Kaalu St 2 yard, Kaalu St 4, 4a, 5a, Vaksali St 4 yard, Kiriku St 5, Vabaduse plats 4, Lossi St between Kauba St and Pikk St, Pikk St, Munga St, Sepa St, J. Laidoneri St, Reinu St 1, Hariduse 12a.

Locals who live in the festival area can park in their yards, parking on the streets is not possible.

We suggest parking in one place throughout your stay in Viljandi and checking the regulating signs for parking. The parking lots of shopping centres and office buildings located in the town centre are mostly paid, or free parking is allowed for up to two hours with a parking clock. Parking on the streets is free. Parking in the town market parking lot is free for 2 hours, and the use of a parking clock is mandatory.

Suggested parking lots:
  • Järve / Aasa St, parking lot next to Viljandi stadium (for free)
  • Tallinna St 3, paid parking (EP245, 24 h)
  • Tallinna St 24 / Uus St 4, Viljandi Bus Station / Centrum, paid parking (EP197, 24 h)
  • Lääne St 2, Viljandi Maksimarket, paid parking (EP338, 24 h)
  • Posti St 6, paid parking (YT51, 24 h)
  • Tartu St 15a, paid parking (YT82, 24 h)
  • Koidu St 3, paid parking (EP337, 24 h)
  • Tallinna St 41, Uku shopping centre, paid parking (YT141, 06.00–22.00)