Handicraft yard

St John’s churchyard

FRI 28.07 at 12.00–18.00
SAT 29.07 at 12.00–18.00
SUN 30.07 at 13.00–16.00

The Handicraft yard is a place where handicraft fans of all ages and skill levels can take part in workshops and create and craft different things. You can make textile dolls, braid hair and ribbons, flower crowns or even little dishes from dried grass. You can draw, prepare yourself a herb salt with mortar and pestle and do many other things.

Like every year, a group of carpentry masters, led by Edev Eremiit, are there to help you carve smaller and simpler toys, or something trickier and sturdier — whatever you wish.
The workshops are for a fee.

Grown-ups and children are both welcome, there’s something to do for everyone. However, please remember that we don’t provide babysitting service, so keep an eye on your children.