MARGIT KUHI (chief of Ethno Estonia)

After getting a degree in traditional music at Viljandi Culture Academy, Margit started to organize different courses and music camps with the aim to spread the word about the coolest kind of music in the world - folk music!
She says that it’s a great pleasure for her to meet all these wonderful and talented young people every year: “The way they create that special Ethno-world inspires me to organize the camp again and again and again…”.
As the mother of Ethno Estonia, Margit is in charge of the big picture - making sure that everything is at its best!

KÄRT TAMBET (Artistic director)

Kärt is a true Ethno-soul whose biggest passion is learning about musical traditions of different people and places, and creating her own sonic expression through these exposures. For that reason she also earned a degree in Global Music from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland. In addition to that, Kärt is an occasional host of radio shows, plays DJ sets at parties, gives workshops and teaches at various music camps and different community settings.
At Ethno, she is responsible for making sure that all the artistic work and everyday activities are running as smoothly as possible.

HANNA-REET RUUL (Head of communication)

Hanna-Reet is a musician from the forests of Võrumaa. In 2020 she started studying traditional singing at Viljandi Culture Academy which gave her a chance to go study at the Irish World Academy as an exchange student, joining the World Music programme.
Besides studying, she's been in groups like ÖÖT, Poogendajad, and Iiri-Eesti lauluvägi, organized local sessions, and taught traditional music and dances to kids.
Hanna-Reet joined the ETHNO world in 2020 with Ethno Estonia and after that, she's grabbed every chance to join an ethno - as a participant, volunteer, mentor, or organizer!
In (and before and after) Ethno, she’s responsible for communication and social media and making sure that everything is running smoothly on the spot too.

LEON ALLIK (Listener, observer, starter of games and events)

Name: Léon Allik
Living in: Tallinn
Main philosophy: Improvisation
Main instrument: Guitar
Function in Ethno Estonia: Listener, observer and starter of games and events
I keep an eye out, that everyone would have an opportunity to feel free, creative, and joyful. Ethno camp is a place for me where:
- I can travel on the colourful landscape of music from the wide world;
- (re)discover again and again how beautiful and awesome people are;
- play, run, laugh;
- lay in the grass while the sun shines, and listen as the songs of birds melt together with the distant sound of instruments.