XXXI Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place on July 25–28, 2024 in
Viljandi Castle Hills and its vicinity and in the hearts of all folk lovers!

The festival area is divided into two:
  • Main area aka passholder’s area from the Freedom square to the Castle Hills where most of the concerts take place and which is open for all festival pass, youngster’s pass, senior pass and day pass holders on the particular day, and if there’s room, also for evening pass holders. Evening passes are sold only at the festival.
  • Free old town area for everyone on Pikk Street from Villa Maria to the Kondas Centre, and on Lossi Street, with access to Sõprade Hoov at Lossi 6, and the Green Stage at Laidoner Square.
The ticket sales tent on Freedom Square is open for purchasing tickets and exchanging wristbands:
THU, 25.07 at 11.00–02.00
FRI, 26.07 at 12.00–02.00
SAT, 27.07 at 12.00–02.00
SUN, 28.07 at 12.00–22.00

What type of tickets are sold?
You can come to the Viljandi Folk Music Festival with festival pass, youngster’s pass, senior pass or day pass and if there’s room, with evening pass (sold only during the festival).

This year, it is possible to buy single tickets to indoor concerts at Jaak Johanson stage in Viljandi Baptist Church. A single concert ticket costs 20 euros. Pass and day pass owners can enter the concerts at Jaak Johanson stage if there are free seats, on the first come, first served basis.

Please be on time when you’re attending the concerts in the Traditional Music Center, St John’s church, or Jaak Johanson Stage in Baptist Church, because you won’t be allowed in if you’re late. When attending outdoor concerts, remember that the earlier you arrive, the more choice you’ll have in terms of where you sit or stand.


If you can, leave your car at home. The streets of Viljandi are narrow and there aren’t that many parking places. If you need to bring your car, then bear in mind that parking in certain areas of Viljandi is no longer free. We recommend using public transport instead, you can buy a smartcard for 2 € from the bus driver to pay for the bus rides.
You can leave your bike in the bicycle parking at Freedom Square, in front of the festival's main entrance.

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St Paul’s churchyard (Kaalu street)
THU 25.07 at 12.00 – MON 29.07 at 10.00

Campsite tickets are exchanged for wristbands at the campsite gate. Parking permits are also available at the gate if needed. The campsite is in a fenced area and there is around the clock surveillance. There are restrooms (including accessible restrooms), handwashing stations, and waste collection points exclusively for campers. Quiet hours start at 23.00. It is forbidden to consume alcohol or narcotics at the campsite. Electronic devices can be charged at the campsite gate. Pets are not allowed. There’s a car park in front of the camping ground, in Kaalu street where campers can park, only with the parking permit ("first come, first served" principle, there aren’t enough spots for all the guests). The church café is open in the mornings.

During the festival, tickets are available at the gates of the campsite. Payments by card and in cash. For additional information, please contact us at or call +372 5656 5223.


At Viljandi Sports Centre opposite Freedom Square (Vaksali 4)
THU, 25.07 – Mon 29.07, 9.00–20.00

Showers on all festival days at 9.00–20.00 (ticket 1.50 €)
Sauna on all festival days at 9.00–11.00 and 16.00–18.00 (ticket 5 €)
You can pay by cash or card. Additional information at +372 435 1574


Tickets sales and info tent at Freedom Square

Firstly, playing music on the street is allowed and even recommended, so bring your instrument! However, if you need to store your instrument, then we’ve got an instrument and luggage store located in the Freedom Square information tent.
THU 25.07 at 11.00–02.00
FRI 26.07 at 12.00–02.00
SAT 27.07 at 12.00–02.00
SUN 28.07 at 12.00–22.00

Price: 5 € per piece of luggage per day


Please leave your pet at home – it’s both in their own and everyone else’s interest.
Guide, hypo and assistance dogs are welcome. Service dogs are also allowed in.


Lost and found items can be brought to the luggage store, at Freedom Square ticket sales tent, or to the Traditional Music Center. If the item is unknown or suspicious, contact the nearest security guard.


Estonian Red Cross first raiders will be present at all concert venues and at
the Traditional Music Center. Contact number: +372 5330 8311.

The closest pharmacies are located at the Viljandi Health Centre (Turu 8/10)
and Centrum centre (Tallinna 24).


Passholders’s area and old town area
THU–SAT at 11.00–02.00
SUN at 11.00–00.00

The festival food area has something for everyone. There are foods from different countries and delightful Estonian flavours. The carefully selected menus offer great experiences even to the most demanding foodies. Quality coffee and refreshing cocktails. You can find the vendors and their menus from the QR code!


Lossi street
THU at 14–21
R–L at 12–21

The Heritage and Design Market is like a charming little street festival, making its debut at the Viljandi Folk Music Festival. Spanning from Kondas Centre along Lossi street to Laidoner Square, the market offers something for everyone. The streets will be filled with talented local artisans, creatives, and food vendors, who bring along unique products, celebrating both contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship. Come and experience a true sense of community, enjoy authentic cultural experiences, and discover exquisite handmade and design pieces created with passion and care.


Next to the Traditional Music Centre, at I Kirsimägi
THU–SAT 13.30–00.00
SUN 13.30–22.00

The festival shop sells all the festival merchandise – fan T-shirts, badges, hats, records and much more.


St John’s churchyard / moat
THU 25.07 at 13.00–22.00
FRI 26.07 at 12.00–22.00
SAT 27.07 at12.00–22.00
SUN 28.07 at 12.00–20.00

Activities guided by the Päikesekillu Perekeskus every day at 15.00–16.30.
Results of the interactive game every day at 20.00.
On Friday and Saturday at 12.20 fairytales by storyteller Jaak.

NB! Please remember that we don’t provide babysitting service, so keep an eye on your children.


St John’s churchyard

THU 25.07 at 14.00–18.00
FRI 26.07 and SAT 27.07 at 12.00–18.00
SUN 28.07 at 13.00–16.00

In the Handicraft yard, both adults and children can spend time crafting before and between the concerts.
Workshops are for a fee.


Red Cross at the festival +372 5330 8311
Emergencies 112
Bus information 12550
Viljandi bus station information +372 433 3680
Viljandi bus station luggage hold and Cargobus +372 433 3411
Taxi 1200 / 1700 / 1771 / 15444 / 1300 / 1242 (average price for a ride 5 €)