Karmoškateek (Garmonteque)

Every day on the Freedom Square

THU 27.07 at 16.00–23.00
FRI 28.07 at 11.00–23.00
SAT 29.07 at 11.00–23.00
SUN 30.07 at 11.00–18.00

Karmoškateek (garmonteque) is a meeting place for everyone who has caught the garmon bug so that they can enjoy playing music together. Here the instruments will only rest in the late hours of the night, only to start anew in the morning! We host joint performances and workshops where professionals tell it like it is, teach songs and show you what’s inside the bear’s belly. Everyone is welcome regardless of their skill level or choice of instrument - the ones who are more proficient will lead and we’ll be able to find you garmon!
Workshops are led by: Piret Aus, Jaan Sarv, Ruti Enn, Jalmar Vabarna, Rasmus Kadaja, Tobias Tae and many others.
The schedule for workshops and joint performances will be revealed on site.

Additional information: tanel.jaanimae@gmail.com