Information for ticket owners

XXX Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place on July 27–30, 2023 in Viljandi Castle Hills and its vicinity and in the hearts of all folk lovers!

This year, the festival area is divided into two:
  • Main area aka passholder’s area in the Castle Hills where most of the concerts take place and which is open for all festival pass, youngster’s pass, senior pass and day pass holders on the particular day and if there’s room, also for evening pass holders. Evening passes are sold only at the festival.
  • The perimeter area around the Castle Hills which includes the food area, Green stage and children’s and handicraft area. 

What type of tickets are available this year?
You can access the festival with a festival pass, youngster’s pass, senior pass, day pass and if there’s room, with the evening pass, sold at the festival.

This year, you can’t purchase single concert tickets for all concerts. Single tickets are only available for indoor concerts that take place outside the passholder's area (at St. John's Church, Baptist Church and on Jaak Johanson Stage at Sakala Center). The price of a single ticket is 20 €. Pass owners don't have to purchase any single tickets, they have free access to all the indoor concert on first come, first served basis.

Do you offer any discounts?
  • The early bird prices for the festival and day passes are the best value for money. The number of all passes is limited and the price of the passes goes up once the cheaper ones have sold out.
  • Students aged 13–26 (included) can purchase a youngster’s pass and youngster’s day pass.
  • Seniors aged 65+ can purchase a senior pass.

Who can enter for free?
  • All children aged 12 and below can enter the festival for free. In order to avoid any problems with identifying the age of your child, we kindly ask you to visit the ticket booth when you arrive to get your child a wristband.
  • All music lovers are welcome to the festival. Person accompanying a severely disabled person can enter for free. Most concert venues are accessible for all, but access to some of them might be difficult without help.

When and how can I change my ticket for a wristband?
  • All festival and day passes are exchanged for wristbands at the main festival gate on Freedom Square. Day passes are exchanged for wristbands on the date marked on the ticket.
  • Youngster’s passes and youngster's day passes for students aged 13–26 (included) are exchanged for wristbands upon presenting proof of student status and an ID.
  • Senior passes for people aged 65+ are exchanged for wristbands upon presenting an ID.
  • Day passes are exchanged for wristbands on the date shown on the ticket and the pass grants you access to the festival until the end of the programme on that day.

Does the pass grant me access to all concerts?
The festival pass, youngster’s pass, senior pass and day pass grant you access to all outdoor concerts during the festival and if there’s room, to the indoor concerts at St John’s Church, Baptist Church, the Traditional Music Center and on Jaak Johanson Kultra stage on the first come, first served basis.

What if I’m late to a concert?
Please be on time when you’re attending the concerts in the Traditional Music Center, St John’s church, Baptist Church and on Jaak Johanson Stage because you won’t be allowed in if you’re late. When attending outdoor concerts, remember that the earlier you arrive, the more choice you’ll have in terms of where to sit or stand.

Can I share my pass with my friend – one of us is visiting on Thursday and the other one on Saturday?
No, this is not possible. All tickets are meant for only one person and you can’t share your ticket.

Can I return or sell my ticket?
If you can’t attend the festival for some reason, then we don’t refund the ticket but we don’t stop you from selling it either.

Do I have to print my ticket?
We care about the environment and we kindly ask you to do the same – bring your ticket in your phone.

Will there be enough tickets for everyone?
The number of all Viljandi Folk Music Festival passes is limited. We recommend you purchase your pass as early as possible.

Can I bring my pet?
Please leave your pets at home – no pets are allowed in the festival area, including animals kept in bags and cages. Guide, hypo and assistance dogs are welcome.

Where can I find additional information?
Visit the Viljandi Folk Music Festival webpage at and we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news about the festival.

You can also find us on Facebook under Viljandi pärimusmuusika festival / Viljandi Folk Music Festival and #viljandifolk on Instagram.

If you wish to contact us directly, then call +372 434 2050 or write to