Sleeping quarters

Experienced festivalgoers know where to find a roof over their head and a warm soup after the last concerts - in the sleeping quarters!

Viljandi Waldorf School (Lutsu 3)

The good old sleeping quarters in Viljandi Waldorf School are open again this year. It is an accommodation created by the volunteer work of parents of Waldorf School.

The school will provide you with a sleeping place in one of the classrooms and a mattress. You have to bring a sleeping bag and pillow (you can also bring your own single size mattress).

Prices with booking and prepayment:

  • 4 nights – 80 €
  • 3 nights – 65 €
  • 2 nights – 50 €
  • children aged 10 or under get a discount of 50%
  • camping spot 25 € per night (maximum 2 person tent)
  • camping spot 30 € per night (bigger than 2 person tent)

Prices on spot, subject to availability (payment in cash or by an immediate transfer):

  • 1 night – 30 € per person
  • tent – 35 € per night

Booking ends on the 23th of July at 3 p.m. E-mails arriving after that time will not be answered.
You can get a refund if you cancel your reservation via e-mail before the 23th July, 3 p.m.

Payment details:
Viljandi Vaba Waldorfkooli Ühing
SEB a/a EE421010302007122006
Description: sleeping quarters, names of guests and dates payed for
(e.g. Mary Smith and George Brown, July 25-28)

NB! Bookings that are not paid by July 23th, will be cancelled.

  • You can get food into your own reusable dish or use school’s dishes. There are no single-use dishes. We offer classic folk soup, coffee, cakes and sandwiches made by the parents.
  • Shower: free of charge for the guests staying at sleeping quarters, on a first-come, first-served basis. The estimated peak times of shower users are late mornings and after the last concerts.

The proceeds from the sleeping quarters will be used to build a handicraft house for Viljandi Waldorf School.

Information and booking:
Tel +372 5553 7289
Booking only via e-mail: