Viljandi Folk afterparty

Õues (in the yard of Tartu 24/26)
FRI 28.07 and SAT 29.07 at 22.00–04.00

On two festival nights, Viljandi Folk Afterparty offers the visitors of Viljandi Folk Music Festival and other music friends a chance to enjoy a lively electronic folk music buzz.
Viljandi Folk celebrates its 30th birthday and everyone can celebrate this big event in the cozy musical atmosphere of the afterparty. Õues is the perfect place for that with its many rooms and big garden.

Many beloved electronic folk music melomanes and DJ-s have played at the Viljandi Folk Afterparties over the years and many of them are back again to celebrate the festival’s big birthday.

Henessi Schmidt
Heidy Purga (Must Mesi Goes Africa)
Sander Mölder (Tiks)
Bert On Beats
Keshob (Lejal Genes)
Don Erikson (Maailmamustrid)
Ringo Ringvee and Dice Rudy (Bashment KingzSound)
Jalmar Vabarna DJ set
Erkin Antov
Percussion: Rauno Vaher

FRI 28.07
22.00–23.00 Bert On Beats
23.00–00.00 Keshob
00.00–01.00 Sander Mölder
01.00–02.00 Henessi Schmidt
00.02–03.00 Heidy Purga and Rauno Vaher on the drums
00.03–04.00 Bert On Beats

SAT 29.07

22.00–23.00 Don Erikson
23.00–00.00 Keshob
00.00–02.00 Ringo Ringvee and Dice Rudy
02.00–03.00 Jalmar Vabarna DJ set
03.00–04.00 Erkin Antov afrobeat set