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With the flutes and whistles of Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen, the guitar of Ed Boyd and the bodhran of John Joe Kelly, this iconic band weaves and spins traditionally rooted tunes into an enthralling sound – with agile but tight rhythms and virtuoso improvisation. Flook possesses a rare blend of fiery technical brilliance, delicate ensemble interaction and a bold, adventurous musical imagination.

Flook played at Viljandi Folk Music Festival in 2008, after which the band took a long break, the members went their separate ways, followed their hearts and had kids. Now, in response to public demand, the legendary Flook is back in the spotlight. In 2019 they released their most recent album Ancora, their first record in 14 years.


Kaisa Kuslapuu Trio

Kaisa Kuslapuu, who recently won an award at Estonian Music Awards with Lonitseera, will perform at the festival with Kaisa Kuslapuu Trio, where she plays with bassist Meelis Pihlap and percussionist Tõnis Kirsipu.

Kaisa Kuslapuu (born 1995) is a versatile musician and creator whose style and way of thought have been influenced by classical, jazz and traditional music. At the festival she brings to the audience mainly traditional music tunes from Southern Estonia, which meet improvisation and her own creations. In the fall of 2022, Kaisa Kuslapuu released the solo EP "Heinast hobu", which was inspired by the desire to give the piano more scope in traditional music. Bass player Meelis Pihlap and percussionist Tõnis Kirsipu took part in the recording of the title song and gave their impact to the music that will be heard at the festival. 

Le Diable à Cinq

Le Diable à Cinq, comes from Canada, from the French speaking province of Quebec. These Multi-instrumentalists – three brothers, their cousin and a friend – are like five vigorous devils, united in exuberant and catchy music. Le Diable à Cinq, who have quickly made a name for themselves on a local scene, are ardent advocates of French language and the culture of Quebec. They have won many music awards.


Tęgie Chłopy

Tęgie Chłopy band continues the traditions of live dance music of Kielce region, Central Poland. The aim of the band is to revive the music that used to be performed in the villages in the old days. The band has achieved brand status at home, and their concerts are known for the energy that can "lift the ceilings". 

The members of the band are the disciples of village musicians. Kielce region is known for its brass orchestras – that is why Tęgie Chłopy include a strong brass section, namely trumpet, clarinet and bass.

Maniucha Bikont - tuba, vocals
Maciej Filipczuk - violin, vocals
Ewa Grochowska - violin, vocals
Mateusz Kowalski - accordion, guitar, vocals
Michał Żak - clarinet, soprano saxophone, vocals
Michał Maziarz - tenor
Dorota Murzynowska - big drum
Szczepan Pospieszalski - trumpet, electronic instruments, vocals
Marcin Żytomirski - violin, vocals


Vägilased is a band that rocked Estonian folk stages for a total of 11 years (2000-2011) and gained the status of a legend after disbanding. Vägilased have decided to come together for one evening at their "home field", Viljandi Folk Music Festival, on the occasion of festival's 30th anniversary, to give the jubilee a little musical package from 10 or more years ago. The concert includes songs from the beginning, middle and end of Vägilased. Many surprise guests are also expected on the stage. 
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