Duo Ruut

Duo Ruut is a symbiosis of two musicians with different musical tastes and backgrounds. Their ancestors’ musical heritage inspired Katariina Kivi and Ann-Lisett Rebane to sit down behind one single kannel in 2017. On the one hand it was a mere coincidence, on the other hand an outcome of many experiments and musical studies. Kannel became a sort of “blank page” for the duo, offering a lot of room for invention and finding new playing techniques. Composing together on one instrument sets pretty strict limits - which is why it turned into a challenge for Duo Ruut to let their imagination fly wild and pack their essentially minimalist music with new and exciting ideas.



Forged from the kindred Celtic traditions of Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man, pyrotechnic instrumental five-piece Ímar have hit the global folk scene like a tornado. Their breathtaking debut album, Afterlight, clinched them the 2018 Radio 2 Folk Awards' Horizon prize, swiftly followed by sophomore release Avalanche, which topped the iTunes world music chart.

Featuring Ryan Murphy (uilleann pipes), Mohsen Amini (concertina), Adam Brown (bodhran and guitar), Tom Callister (fiddle) and Adam Rhodes (bouzouki) - and comprising members of Mànran, RURA, Talisk and Barrule - Ímar fuse the camaraderie and craic of Glasgow's celebrated session scene with fearsome technical prowess and legendary live performances.


Maria Mazzotta & Bruno Galeone

Italy / Madagascar
An intense and passionate reflection, from a female point of view, on the various faces of love: from the biggest love to the most desperate and very tender one, and from the type that becomes unhealthy to the one that is possessive and abusive. This is “Amoreamaro” (Bitter Love), the new album by Maria Mazzotta, one of the most emblematic musical personalities of Southern Italy.

Previously with the “Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino” band, Mazzotta has gone on to become one of the most appreciated voices on the European world music scene.

She fearlessly passes through all the emotions that love can arouse, with the song as a vehicle for catharsis, consolation, strength, and as a “cure”, which is so very typical of popular tradition
She is coming to Viljandi with Bruno Galeone, a talented accordionist from Madagaskar.
Maria Mazzotta - vox and percussions
Bruno Galeone - accordion


Marko Markovic Brass Band

Marko Markovic Brass Band style is wide, from Roma, Serbian traditional and modern, Latino and Jazz music. On stage they mix diverse styles with powerful performances and positive energy.

Marko Markovic inherited his love for music from his father, the legendary trumpet king Boban Markovic Marko and Boban have been playing together in an orchestra for years. Marko Markovic has formed Marko Markovich Brass Band on May 2016. 

 He is bringing his hot pipes and energetic gypsy music to the world. The Balkans are living and breathing wind instrument music – no wedding or other celebration goes by without a wind instrument orchestra. It is hard to describe, you have to experience it yourself. It is more than music, it is part of their identity, a matter of honour, their essence – it is a living and breathing part of culture. Gypsy music with its exceptionally fast tempo and unbelievably gripping energy has become one of the trademarks of the area. Their characteristic tremendous vitality comes with a marvellously Eastern melancholic soul.

It's party time in the global village.Everybody gather. And dance!

Orchestra has 9 members:
2 Trumpets
3 Tenors
Drums Tapan/goc
Solo trumpet player and vocal Marko Markovic



Neozombiepostfolk duo Puuluup plays with talharpas, electronics and free associations. First we learned some old tunes from Vormsi and then let ourselves to be influenced by anything we saw on TV or read in the news. An exceptional excitement of playing together absorbs us when we can sing about peculiar trees, warm food and mysticism.
Ramo Teder (Pastacas) – talharpa, vocals, electronics
Marko Veisson – talarpa, vocals, electronics



Celebrating its 75th birthday this year, Estonian National Male Choir (also known as RAM) was established by Estonian choral music legend, conductor and composer Gustav Ernesaks. Having sung mostly a cappella during its early years, RAM has grown into a world-famous professional choir that often performs large symphonic compositions.

Starting from the 2011 / 2012 season Estonian National Male Choir is led by chief conductor and artistic director Mikk Üleoja. In 2015 Estonian National Male Choir and Mikk Üleoja were awarded the State Cultural Award, marking the choir’s remarkable performances.

Estonian National Male Choir’s newest project “REGIRAM” is dedicated to arrangements of runo songs and features acclaimed musicians Celia Roose, Tuule Kann and Robert Jürjendal.

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