Sounds good!

“Sounds good” or “Story behind the tune” focuses on the meaningfulness of music, significant musical tales and the personal link between the musicians and the tunes.

Folk music is all about sharing. Everybody’s equally important – the musician, the dancer, the listener. In the middle of this interaction is the music, acting as a social glue, creating bridges and getting the party started.

Musical story comes alive only with the help of a performer. Some of us are especially gifted storytellers. Simple and well-known tunes can become utterly captivating in the hands of some musicians. What are these qualities and skills that make a great musical tale teller? What creates that special magic?
This summer, good examples from all over the world will come together in Viljandi.

Runo-songs are our most ancient, important and intimate stories. Unfortunately, the message within these songs might be hard to grasp because both our language and surroundings have changed a lot over the years. A really good interpreter is needed to understand those stories, one who has talent and special skills to unravel the complex world of runo-songs in an enthralling way. Luckily we have talented lead singers amongst us, who have all those qualities.

The theme of this year’s festival “Sounds good” is all about the art of telling musical stories that really grab the audience and create a good party mood.