Thursday, July 27

If possible, please come to the workshops 10 minutes early to guarantee a spot!

Nursery rhymes and singing games from Hungary and Vojvodina (Vajdaság) / Sándor Ildikó and Bori Mályi
THU 27.07 at 16.00, Chamber Hall of the Traditional Music Center

What are the nursery rhymes in Hungary, how were they sung and played in the past and why should they be played and practiced today? How to teach and use these folk gamesongs and verses? In addition to the theory, the visitor of the workshop also has a great opportunity to learn some of these nursery rhymes and to apply the knowledge gained in their own culture.

Sándor Ildikó is a folklorist who has received the "Dance House Award" from Táncház Egyesület (Táncház Association) for 35 years of activity as a folk dance teacher for children. Sándor is an associate professor at the Hungarian Academy of Dance, an expert in the methodology of song games and children's folk dance, a co-worker of the Hungarian Heritage House.

Bori Mályi is a singer and musician whose instruments include zither, koboz and saz. She graduated from the folk music conservatory in Budapest and is currently studying Turkish music at the World Music Department of CODARTS University in Rotterdam. Since the age of 14, she has been working with Sándor Ildikó as an assistant in children's folk dance programs and also participates as a folk musician and dance teacher in dance halls for children and adults.

The workshop will be translated and helped to bring more closer to all visitors by Tóth Kriszta.