Thursday, July 28

Tunes from the Andes mountains / Tomás del Real
THU 28.07 at 16.00 Chamber Hall of the Traditional Music Center
The workshop is conducted in English.

Come and learn melodies and rhythms from the Andean mountain region with the Chilean guitarist Tomás del Real. Together, we will discover and play some traditional tunes from the western part of South America which has a very rich cultural heritage and folk music tradition that has been influenced by indigenous, European and African people. The workshop is suitable for all instruments and skill levels.

Treetop stage: dancing with young Kihnu instrument players
THU 28.07 at 17.00 on the Green stage

Young Kihnu instrument players teach traditional Kihnu dances and and movements in the same way that they teach these on the island to this day - just form a circle and try not to get in other people’s way!

Väikekannel workshop - a small zither with a large sound / Eva Väljaots
THU 28.07 at 18.00 in the Chamber Hall of the Traditional Music Center

The history of väikekannel both in the past and in the modern area has been incredibly rich. The different shapes, sizes, string materials and many other characteristics give each of the zithers its own unique sound. In addition to that, each instrument carries the face of its player. At the workshop, we discover the characteristic sound features and playing opportunities of väikekannel. We look at different specimens that sound different and the different sounds that one instrument can make. Väikekannel players of all ages and with different size instruments are welcome. The workshop is led by Eva Väljaots who released her solo album “Hundinuiaõis” this spring which consists of her original tunes on different väikekannels.

Night university - about being an instrument player / Juhan Uppin
THU 28.07 at 21.00 at the Chamber Hall of the Traditional Music Center

The instrument player of the republic (2018) Juhan Uppin (born 1984) is an Estonian accordion and zither player whose musical horizons are broad. He is both one of the most brilliant traditional instrument players and also someone who opens up the repertoire and playing technique for new influences. Uppin is both an active solo instrument player and he also takes part in various bands (like Rüüt and Tuulelõõtsutajad). He’s a lecturer (at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy and Heino Eller Music School) and an active promoter of his field (acting as a creative lead for the traditional music parties that take place as a part of the singing and dancing celebrations). Recently, Uppin also became the first traditional instrument player and researcher who has a PhD.