Sunday, July 31

Treetop stage: recycling Finnish traditions / Polenta (Finland)
SUN 31.07 at 12.30 at Kuusemägi

The musicians from Polenta show in this workshop how to use traditional materials to create music that sounds new and fresh. They uncover the stories and secrets of their arrangements and teach you a tune or two from their debut album “Kaustinen Turbo”.

Baby singing and playing groups / Kreete Viira
Waldorf School (Lutsu 3)
SUN 31.07 at 11.00
Target audience: children aged 0-2 with their parents

Traditional music teacher Kreetr Viira invites mothers and fathers to bring their babies to the group where they play age-appropriate games, singing games and sing songs which you can memorise and repeat at home to promote the love of traditional culture in your children.

Children’s singing and playing groups / Kreete Viira
Waldorf School (Lutsu 3)
SUN 31.07 at 12.00
Target audience: children aged 3-6 with their parents

Kreete Viira teaches children and their families age-appropriate games, singing games and songs. We invite children with their parents to attend. Later on, you can play these games at home yourself.

Men’s singing group
Wine bar Mulks (Tartu 7c)
SUN 31.07 at 11.00 / Lüü-Türr
Target audience: men of all ages, no women are allowed.

The mandatory voice and mind wakeup session for all men on all three festival days. Men’s singing group is a chamber of secrets where men twirl their moustaches in the dark, sing manly songs and talk about manly things. Bring your favourite songs to the singing group to share with others.

Women’s singing group
Bonifatius Guild, 2nd floor (Väike-Turu 8)
SUN 31.07 at 11.00 / Sõrve women
Target audience: women of all ages - no men are allowed.

Women have preserved our traditional singing culture throughout centuries. The folklore archive is filled with songs from our female ancestors where they talk about their thoughts and feelings. Which of these songs speak to the women of today? Which songs will the women of today leave to their children? We invite all women to join us on three festival mornings to sing about what you’re thinking and feeling. Bring your favourite songs with you so you can share with the others.