Friday, July 29

Folk dancing on the beach
Basketball court at Lake Viljandi beach
FRI 29.07 at 10.00

The best way to start your morning is to listen to the music in the best possible way - through dancing! The musicians from Tallinn Dance Club ask you to join them on Friday and Saturday morning to dance to their garmon, fiddle, bagpipe and flute tunes on the basketball court at Lake Viljandi beach so you can start the day in a great way, letting traditional music into your bones and lifting your mood!
We dance old group dances and spice it up with a few waltzes, polkas, labajalg and rheinländers. Bring a friend or come alone, you’ll find a dancing partner on the court!

Baby singing and playing groups / Kreete Viira
Waldorf School (Lutsu 3)
FRI 29.07 at 11.00
Target audience: children aged 0-2 with their parents

Traditional music teacher Kreetr Viira invites mothers and fathers to bring their babies to the group where they play age-appropriate games, singing games and sing songs which you can memorise and repeat at home to promote the love of traditional culture in your children.

Children’s singing and playing groups / Kreete Viira
Waldorf School (Lutsu 3)
FRI 29.07 at 12.00
Target audience: children aged 3-6 with their parents

Kreete Viira teaches children and their families age-appropriate games, singing games and songs. We invite children with their parents to attend. Later on, you can play these games at home yourself.

Men’s singing group
Wine bar Mulks (Tartu 7c)
FRI 29.07 at 11.00 / Asso Int
Target audience: men of all ages, no women are allowed.

The mandatory voice and mind wakeup session for all men on all three festival days. Men’s singing group is a chamber of secrets where men twirl their moustaches in the dark, sing manly songs and talk about manly things. Bring your favourite songs to the singing group to share with others.

Women’s singing group
Bonifatius Guild, 2nd floor (Väike-Turu 8)
FRI 29.07 at 11.00 / Marion Selgall
Target audience: women of all ages - no men are allowed.

Women have preserved our traditional singing culture throughout centuries. The folklore archive is filled with songs from our female ancestors where they talk about their thoughts and feelings. Which of these songs speak to the women of today? Which songs will the women of today leave to their children? We invite all women to join us on three festival mornings to sing about what you’re thinking and feeling. Bring your favourite songs with you so you can share with the others.

Mandolin in traditional music / Villu Talsi, Radim Zenkl (Czech Republic)
FRI 29.07 at 11.30 in the Chamber Hall of the Traditional Music Center

Mandolin players talk about playing traditional music on mandolins and about finding/inventing their own playing style.
The workshop is conducted in Estonian and in English.

Treetop stage: flying out from the centre / Triuka and EHALE
FRI 29.07 at 12.30 at Kuusemägi

Triuka and EHALE met in the beginning of 2022 in Viljandi. Both bands are supported by the Estonian Traditional Music Center who gathered the young music lovers under their protective wing in January. Thanks to their support, these two groups are well on their way towards the stars - now that the first singles are baking in the oven and they’ve got concerts on the festival stage to look forward to, they want to share the knowledge that they’ve gathered. During the hour-long workshop, they teach participants two Estonian traditional tunes which are great for dancing. In addition to that, the youngsters will also talk about the valuable experiences they’ve gathered as a young band during the last six months. The workshop that concentrates on the joy of playing and personal development is open for everyone - it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out on your journey of traditional culture or have been part of this world for a long time.

Treetop stage: Austrian folk / Heck trio (Austria)
FRI 29.07 at 13.00 in the Chamber Hall of the Traditional Music Center
The workshop is conducted in English.

This workshop concentrates on Austrian traditional culture and explores its background. We sing, dance and make music together just like you do in the Austrian mountains and valleys.
The workshop is conducted in English.

Pineroot stories: Estonian ETHNO 25 / Krista Sildoja, Tuulikki Bartosik, Margit Kuhi, Ando Kiviberg and Ants Johanson
FRI 29.07 at 14.00 at Kuusemägi

The Estonian ETHNO camp which has been attended by almost all of current Estonian traditional music stars is celebrating its 25th jubilee this year. This camp is meant for young musicians and it’s a place where they can learn traditional music from Estonia and abroad from others via listening. Why and how did the hotbed of young traditional musicians come to be and where have they gotten to today? What happened in 1997 and what will happen in 2022? These and other topics will be discussed by founders of Estonian ETHNO.

The power of the voice / Kadri Voorand
FRI 29.07 at 16.00 in the Chamber Hall of the Traditional Music Center

This workshop offers an insight into how to feel and experience songs. Kadri talks about how to inject emotion into your voice using the technique of emotion cards which allows everyone to become more believable both in song and in speech. Kadri uses sound equipment and shows the process in practice by singing. Participants get to feel how her method works.
It will be a warm and inspiring meeting! No music experience is required.

Treetop stage: traditional dances / Katariina Tiisler and Mihkel Sildoja
FRI 29.07 at 17.00 on the Green stage

Dancing has traditionally always been a form of entertainment for the young. In this workshop, we learn old favourites which are popular at dance clubs and some lesser known but intriguing dances for pairs and groups. Music is as important as the steps so the dancing is accompanied by Mihkel Sildoja. Come and dance either on your own or with friends, and you can also find a partner when you turn up! The dances are taught by Katariina Tiisler.