Important information: only festival pass holders can attend the workshops this year.

Singing and playing workshop for the entire family

Chamber hall of the Traditional Music Center (Tasuja pst 6)

23.07 at 11:00 / Annika Mändmaa

24.07 at 11:00 / Annika Mändmaa

25.07 at 11:00 / Annika Mändmaa

Target audience: the entire family

Come shake off your morning porridge at the singing and playing workshop. We sing witty songs, play fun singing games, chase each other around, have fun and laugh, look at interesting traditional instruments and just spend time together with the entire family. It will be a fun and sunny way to start the day.

Men’s signing workshop

Wine bar Mulks (Tartu 7c)

23.07 at 11:00 / Ando Kiviberg

24.07 at 11:00 / Lauri Õunapuu

25.07 at 11:00 / Kulno Malva

Target audience: men of all ages - no women are allowed in this workshop

A compulsory wakeup call for the mind and voice for all men at the beginning of three festival days. The men’s singing workshop is a traditional chamber of secrets where men twirl their moustaches and sing songs in a darkened room. You can bring your favourite songs to this workshop to share them with others.

Women’s singing workshop

Cafe at the Traditional Music Center (Tasuja pst 6)

23.07 at 11:00 / Meelika Hainsoo

24.07 at 11:00 / Kairi Leivo

25.07 at 11:00 / Janika Oras

Target audience: women of all ages - no men are allowed in this workshop

Women have kept the traditional singing culture alive throughout ages. The invaluable collections of the national archive include innumerous songs by our female ancestors which carry their thoughts and emotions into the present day. Which of these songs talk to contemporary women the most? Which songs will the women of today leave to their children? We invite women to come and sing about what’s on their mind and what they want to say on three festival mornings. You can bring your favourite songs to the workshop to share with others.

Traditional dancing on the beach

At the beach of Lake Viljandi

23.07 at 10:00 / Rasmus Kadaja

24.07 at 10:00 / Merike Paberits

Jaan Sarv and Mari-Ann Loosaar inspire with their dance moves.

Dancing is an ancient and satisfying way of expressing yourself. While dancing, you communicate with and connect to the surrounding environment and people around you - both your dance partner and the entire dance group. This summer, we meet at Viljandi beach to face the day dancing. For an hour on two mornings, you can try out the waltz, rheilender and polka straight at the heart of Viljandi beach accompanied by live music. If you’re shy and don’t know how to move your legs to the music, we’ve got Jaan and Mari-Ann to support and inspire you with their skills and knowledge. Come and greet the morning at Viljandi beach!

Instrument playing workshop

Chamber Hall of the Traditional Music Center (Tasuja pst 6)

23.07 at 17:00 / Mads Hansens Kapel (Denmark)

24.07 at 17:00 / 5/5 (Finland)

Target audience: instrument players who have their own instrument and know how to play it.

The members of Mads Hansens Kapel are running a Danish music workshop. Participants will learn instrumental songs which are surprisingly similar to newer Estonian traditional music while also remaining different.

Instrument players from 5/5 teach Finnish dance music songs from mainly the Northern Ostrobothnia area. Bring your instrument and come join us to learn new instrumental songs!