Estonian ETHNO film premiere

“Estonian ETHNO loves” documentary
Viljandi Forum Cinemas in Centrum (Tallinna 22)
R, 29.07 kell 13.00 - Before the premiere, small concert of Kids ETHNO!
L, 30.07 kell 14.30
P, 31.07 kell 14.30

The international music camp Estonian ETHNO is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It’s a camp where youngsters aged 16-30 learn traditional music from Estonia and abroad from each other through hearing. The camp is an important cornerstone of Viljandi Folk Festival and almost all contemporary Estonian traditional music stars have attended it.
The documentary summarises the phenomenon of this camp and focuses on youngsters who are real and sincere and who fall in love with traditional music and find themselves along the way.
Director Jürgen Volmer, length 49 minutes.