Children's Area

St John’s churchyard
THU 28.07 at 13:00–22:00
FRI 29.07 at 12:00–22:00
SAT 30.07 at 12.00–22.00
SUN 31.07 at 12.00–20.00

Activities guided by the Päikesekillu Perekeskus every day at 15.00-16.30
Results of the interactive game every day at 19.00

All children are very welcome at the festival! All children under 12 (included) can enter the festival for free. We’ve got a children’s area at St John’s churchyard where we’ve set up a playing area for children.

On every festival day, a play guide from Päiksekillu Perekeskus organises guided activites for children. Together, they learn to play with simple things. What can you do with rocks and pinecones? What kind of a noise does a tin of sardines make? What is a bug bingo? How can you make a bubble machine and blow the longest foam snake? You can leave your children with us - they won’t be bored!

We’ve also set up a baby tent for parents with small children where they can feed and change their babies comfortably. You can hide there with your little one if the festival atmosphere becomes a bit too much.

This year, we are also setting up an interactive game on the festival area. All children and child-minded individuals who have a smart phone and internet access can take part. Every evening, we summarise the results and invite the players to join us at the Children’s area at 19 o’clock where we acknowledge the best players.