Extra Programme

Sunset walk / Peep Tobreluts

FRI 26.07 20.00 / start in front of the Kondas Centre
Viljandi and water. Lake and river. Has there ever been water in the castle moats? Can you drink spring water? The town of Viljandi and the Folk Music Festival exist thanks to the water. During the walk we will discuss a well-known folk song in which a best shoe, a bladder, and a straw tried to come from Tartu to Viljandi but couldn’t get over the river Emajõgi. This well-known and great story is the centre and the root of the walk. All the strollers get to make their own drinking straw, and the cleverest ones can even make a reed pipe. The walk will end at sunset. The walk is guided by the nature man Peep Tobreluts.
PS! The walks are guided in Estonian.


Night walk / Peep Tobreluts

FRI 26.07 01.00 (on the second night of the festival, at the end of Friday’s programme) / start in front of the Kondas Centre
The walk starts at one o’clock, when the concerts have ended and the sleepless romantics want to wander into the sunrise. We walk through the sleeping town while the guide tells good stories for you to store away for future. The walk is guided by the nature man Peep Tobreluts.
NB! We can only take a maximum of 15 people on the walk, and under-18s are only allowed to join with adult supervision. First come, first served - so arrive early!
The walk is guided in Estonian.


Walks with Ott Sandrak

FRI 26.07 13.00 / 16.00, SAT 27.07 13.00 / 16.00
Price : 5 € / Free for children under 12 (included)
NB! The tickets for the walk have to be purchased in advance from the ticket office. The ticket will include information on where and when the walk will start. No tickets are sold on site.
The historian and storyteller Ott Sandrak takes you for a walk to show you places with mysterious histories, accompanied by juicy stories of people who have been involved with these places, and the historical events which have taken place in the town throughout several centuries. The walks will last for approximately an hour and a half each, and each follow different routes.
These walks are guided in Estonian.


Night University – Good story / Indrek Koff

THU 25.07 21.00 / Chamber Hall of Traditional Music Centre
What is the essence that makes a story come alive? Writer and translator Indrek Koff talks about storytelling from the perspective of a man of words.

Runo song nest

“From tribe to tribe”
In the moat in front of Jaani church
THU 25.07 16.00, 18.00
FRI 26.07 14.00, 16.00, 18.00
SAT 27.07 14.00, 16.00, 18.00
SUN 28.07 14.00, 16.00
Estonia has been a home for a dozen different tribes, each with its own language, traditions, and songs. But a “tribe” may also refer to a smaller circle of relatives - for example, a wedding can be seen as a pact between two tribes, those of the groom and the bride. Different tribes with their contradictions, interactions, and influences are the reality that has existed on our land for centuries - so we don’t have to look far to find multicultural diversity. We’ve regretted the pluralism of languages and tribes that have seemingly prevented us from achieving unity and strength. But isn’t focusing on unity something that great nations have actually taught us? History shows examples of tribal lands where foreign invaders have found many small, disguised, appearing and disappearing opponents, who’ve stood more successfully against the foreign rulers than one apparently strong central authority that can be struck down in one single blow. Resistance means learning and adapting - local tribes here have always known that, long before the arrival of foreign powers. So let’s take a tour of our homeland to find the traces of viable tribes in old songs!

Handicraft Yard

In the Yard of Jaani church
FRI 26.07 12.00-18.00
SAT 27.07 12.00-18.00
SUN 28.07 12.00-16.00
The Handicraft yard is a place where you can keep yourself busy when you’re not watching a concert. You can take part in workshops suitable for handicraft fans of all ages.

Armoured train

SAT 27.07 15.00
Viljandi train station

One of the symbols of the Estonian War of Independence, the armoured train No. 7 Wabadus is stationed at Viljandi train station from 23rdJuly – 1stAugust and is open to the public at 11am-6pm every day. The ensemble Margus Põldsepp ja Pojad have put together a special programme dedicated to the songs of The War of Independence. Margus Põldsepp: “The importance of the War of Independence is obvious. It has been my long-time dream to give a special concert of these songs and I am very happy it is finally coming true. I have gathered the songs for 20 years already. We want to bring the songs of these Estonian warriors to the stage in their pure and simple form, without garnishing or changing them, to catch the spirit of those times. The men created and sang these songs to uplift and keep up the fighting spirit of themselves and their companions. That’s the line we try to honour at our concert. “
Põldsepp ja Pojad:
ANDRES PÕLDSEPP – bass guitar, vocals
MARGUS PÕLDSEPP – accordions, vocals
SULEV SALM – guitar, vocals
MEELIS UTT – 12-stringed guitar, vocals

Folk Beach Games

As has become a tradition, beach games are organised at Lake Viljandi throughout the festival - to help keep festival guests warm and energised, and add to the lively atmosphere. Winners will be rewarded with festival day tickets and memorabilia.

FRI at 12:00 Folk Festival Boatman aka rowboat competition
SAT at 11:00 Folk Festival Petanque aka petanque for doubles. You can only compete as a pair, but you can find a friend on the beach. Registration on site.
SUN at 12:00 Beach aerobics. A real burst of energy before the last day of the festival. Instructor Ene Tulp. Everyone’s welcome!

FRI to SUN Estonian Youth Beach Volley Cup 2019 at Lake Viljandi
FRI to SUN Beach Volley Grand Prix 2019 at the parking lot of Viljandi Centrum

Folk prayer meetings at Jaani Church

THU at 12.00 Midday prayer meeting with communion and traditional music
FRI at 12.00 Midday prayer meeting with communion and traditional music
SAT at 12.00 Midday prayer meeting with communion and traditional music
SUN at 11.00 Mass
SUN at 22.00 Evening prayer meeting with traditional music

St John’s church is open every day from 11 until the end of the last evening’s concerts.
Bells will be chiming from the church five times a day – at 9, 12, 15, 19 and 21.

Viljandi Folk Afterparty

Theatre Ugala
FRI 26.07 23.00
SAT 27.07 23.00
Entry: 1 night 15 € / 2 nights 25 €

Two nights of party where traditional music instruments will meet electronic music. Cätlin Mägi and P. Julm, Oopus, Tõnu Tubli, Meisterjaan, etc.

Green Stage

The Green Stage was established during the first years of the festival, to bring the spontaneous performances already happening on random street corners and at pub tables to the stage - in front of a bigger audience. The Green Stage also serves as a diving board for those who are only just dipping their toes into musical performance. The idea behind the Green Stage is to acknowledge the efforts of new musicians, and give them a motivation boost for their future musical journey.