Exhibition "liiv-liivi"

During the festival, an exhibition "liiv-liivi" is open

Rüki Gallery (Tartu tn 7c)
June 22 - July 30 
WED-FRI at 11-17
SAT-SUN at 11-15

The exhibiton "liiv-liivi" is a joint exhibition of two artists from different worlds but of the same generation on a topic with which they have a very personal relationship. Andre Koort and Urmo Raus, who studied at ERKI (current Estonian Academy of Arts) at the same time in the early nineties of the last century, only recently discovered the connection and common part of Livonia and from this, the idea of creating a reflection on Livonia - a painting exhibition was born.

The exhibition is a part of a series of events to celebrate the year 2023 as the Year of Livonian Cultural Heritage.