Pärimusa 2.0

The traditional music concert days aka Pärimusa 2.0 that will take place on July 24 and 25 in Viljandi Castle Hills, carry the spirit of the early years of the festival. The event, which starts at 2 pm and runs into the night, will have various Estonian folk music artists - from yet undiscovered young musicians till world-famous performers and legendary Estonian folk artists.

On stage you will see young musicians from University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, youth from the Ethno Estonia music camp, as well as legendary bands Untsakad and Kukerpillid, both of which also played on the first concert day in 1993 that later grew into Viljandi Folk Music Festival. Traditional music lovers will get their share of authenticity and virtuosity from the solo program of Juhan Uppin - a marvellous pearl in Estonian instrumental folk music scene, who was 2 years ago chosen as “The folk musician of Estonia” and from Küla kõlad that bring together several legendary folk singers from the Southern part of Estonia. In addition to the previous names the program will be topped off with world-famous names as Trad.Attack! and Puuluup.

The same program with the same artists will be repeated on both days.
24. July Viljandi Castle Hills, II Kirsimägi
25. July Viljandi Castle Hills, II Kirsimägi

14.00 doors open
15.00 Kukerpillid & young folk musicians
16.30 Juhan Uppin
18.00 Küla kõlad
19.30 Puuluup
‪21.00 3-4!‬‬
‬22.30 Trad.Attack!
00.00 Untsakad
02.00 approximate ending time