Artistic Leaders


Vilma is a Finnish musician, singer-songwriter, and music educator. Besides her main instruments, voice and piano, she likes to explore new instruments: accordion, guitar, mandolin, double bass. She also enjoys singing and playing different music styles: nordic folk, world music, pop/rock, as well as dancing bollywood, samba, afro dances etc.
Vilma discovered Ethno in 2015, when she volunteered to organise the first Ethno Finland. After that she has organised four Ethno Finland music camps, while falling in love with the ”Ethno spirit”. Vilma gets inspiration for her colorful songs from people she meets on her travels. Since 2018 Vilma has toured Europe, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Tunisia with her world music duo Vilma & Sami, performing, leading workshops and participating to more than 10 Ethnos and Ethno-like events. Vilma also took part in Ethnofonik in 2018.

Lauren is a fiddle player, most often to be heard playing with Folkatron, Jay Sunaway and Guerrilla Ceilidh. She can also be found singing, playing piano and trying to play accordion, exploring jazz, classical, tango...and just about anything else. She organises Ethno England, and programmes concerts for Oxford Contemporary Music.


Jeremy Hantler is a multi-instrumentalist and band leader from Aotearoa/New Zealand. From musical origins, he is the lead vocalist in his family band, which is now nationally significant with their countrified versions of songs in Te Reo Maori. He achieved first-class honours in a jazz performance degree on drum kit, and has been involved with many successful world music projects. As a qualified teacher, he has gone on to lead several large instrumental and vocal ensembles of students, teachers, and professional musicians. Jeremy has been an artistic leader for the first 3 editions of the highly regarded Ethno New Zealand. Jeremy says the natural world, and interactions across cultures are his two biggest inspirations for music making. He is very excited to return to Eesti, this time as a leader, to help create an awesome vibe for the participants, and to share his skills to foster young musicians.


Jaan-Eerik is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who is currently completing his music studies at University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. The time spent in university has helped him realize that he loves to be on stage, write music and lead youngsters. He’s been active as an artist and composer for years, collaborated with one of the most successful Estonian electro-pop artists NOËP and actress and songwriter Adeele Sepp, but it wasn’t until 2019 when he had his first experience as a teacher, leading young musicians in Pärimusa summer and winter camps. Jaan-Eerik is the leader of folk band Nagy Bögö and also plays in groups Kelly’s Puzzle and jazz trio Kuma. “The first thing I notice in a tune is the pulse. I really appreciate musicians who know how to play with the time, both in a context of rhythm and in a wider sense. It’s what we are aiming to do with Nagy Bögö as well, to create the bridge between new and old.”


Some people know Lauri Kadalipp as a boy who plays bagpipe, others as a jazz-saxophonist. He has studied both traditional and jazz music, he also has a degree in jazz music interpretation from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. He plays in groups Angus and Lauri Kadalipp Social Jazz and is also one of the founders of New Wind Jazz Orchestra. Ethno camps and folk music have always held a special place in Lauri’s heart and he has participated in Estonian, Swedish, Flamish and Indian Ethno camps.

REGINA MÄND (junior artistic leader)

Regina Mänd is a folk musician and fiddler. After graduating from Heino Eller Tartu Music College she continued her traditional music studies in Viljandi Culture Academy and at the moment she’s enjoying an exchange year and exploring Hungarian folk music in Budapest, Franz Liszt Academy of Music. Regina plays in Duo Mänd/Krüsban but she also appreciates solo playing, and loves the style of old village musicians. “I attended my first Ethno camp when I was 16 and as it often happens, I was hooked immediately. I’ve been to Ethno Estonia five times and I also participated in Estonian Ethno tour few years ago. I’ve been to Catalonian and Swedish Ethno camps and to Ethnofonik in Paris. I’ve also participated in other folk music camps in Sweden, Bulgaria and Belgium. I think that the best way to get to know new people and cultures is through their music. It gives me such a joyful, honest, personal and pure feeling when I hear foreigners playing Estonian music or if I can partake in someone else’s heart music.”


Chief of Ethno Estonia

After graduating from traditional music at Viljandi Culture Academy, she started to organize different courses and music camps for people, to spread the word about the coolest music in the world - the folk music! It is a great pleasure for her to meet all these wonderful talented youngsters every year. The way they create that special Ethno-world, inspires her to organize the camp again and again. Margit is in charge of everything you need to feel comfortable: food, accommodation, travelling, washing facilities, lanyard cards, T-shirts etc.

Programme coordinator

Merike is working throughout the year to make the camp happen. Together with Margit, they create the agenda of the camp, organize roadtrips, concerts, surprises etc. Her main role at the camp is to keep an eye on everything related to the programme: workshops, concerts, riders, dancing etc.

Right Hand

Henrika is a smiley and helpful young lady from the island of Saaremaa. She plays recorder and bagpipe and studies traditional music at Viljandi Culture Academy. For her the Ethno camp is a magical experience of two weeks with the most awesome people, an unbelievable adventure and a musical journey around the world. Henrika is the right hand of Margit and Merike at the camp.

Ray of Sunshine

Léon is a lighthearted chap from Tallinn who has played guitar for most of his life and been to Ethno camps for many years. What he likes most about Ethno is the sweet, careless atmosphere in which everything seems possible! This year, Léon is the storyteller of our camp, ready to share all our joys and sorrows