ETHNO Estonia

Welcome to the XXIV ETHNO Estonia 2020 camp on 14-27th July 2020!

Ethno Estonia is one of the biggest and oldest ethnos in the world. Usually we have 5 artistic leaders and 70-75 participants of which half are locals. So double amount of joy is guaranteed!
This year we will have our 24th Ethno!!!

Our camp takes place in a beautiful manor house in a small village called Kõpu. It lasts for 14 days of which the last 4 we spend at Viljandi Folk Music Festival where we give 2-3 concerts and listen to many more. At the camp you can enjoy collective workshops, dance and bonfire nights, free stage concerts, road trips, special guests, creative tasks, etc. Whether you sing or play melody, harmony or percussion instrument – you are welcome!

ETHNO is an international music camp for youngsters aged 16-30 years, where traditional music from different countries is learned by ear in workshops led by the participants themselves. Learning and arranging the tunes is led by artistic leaders: Vilma Talvitie (Finland), Lauren Spicely (England), Jeremy Hantler (New Zealand), Lauri Kadalipp (Estonia) and Jaan-Eerik Aardam (Estonia).

NB! Participants will be selected according to availability of places in different instrument groups and the level of playing skills. If you’ve been to ETHNO Estonia three times in a row, then others with less experience are given priority this time. However, you are very welcome to apply!

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