Tickets and passes

The festival and day passes for XXVI Viljandi Folk Music Festival which takes place on July 26-29, 2018 are available from Piletilevi ticket vendors and in the web shop starting from December 1, 2017.

Festival passes

The festival passes are limited. The first patch is sold for reduced price, the second patch is sold for full price.

*Telia is a major sponsor for the festival and we offer a discount price for Telia clients.

Festival pass

Reduced price



Sold out!

Festival pass



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Festival pass

For Telia client



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Youngster's pass

The youngster's passes are for students aged 13-26 (included). Youngster’s passes are exchanged for a wristband upon presenting proof of age and student status.

Day passes

The day passes cost less if you buy them in advance. Reduced advance prices are also available for youngsters and pensioners.

Day pass prices before the festival:

Single tickets:

It is possible to buy single tickets to all the concerts of Viljandi Folk Music Festival. Ticket grants a single entry to the concert area and is no longer valid if you leave the area. Concert ticket also grants repeated entry to the festival area (the perimeter) during the day of the concert.

Take a look at the festival programme HERE

Tickets to all the festival events are available HERE

Important information:

  • The festival pass and the day pass grant an entry to all the outdoor concerts and to the concerts held in St John’s Church, according to availability.
  • NB! To avoid long waiting lines, it is compulsory to buy an extra ticket for 2 € to all the concerts taking place in the Traditional Music Center. Tickets can be bought in advance from Piletilevi online store with a code marked on the ticket: "Kood sisekontserdile xxxxxxxxxxx" (Code to the indoor concert xxxxxxxxxxx). Choose the indoor concert of your liking, enter the given code to the field Enter offer code/password and the option to buy the extra ticket comes up.
    You can also buy the extra ticket during the festival from all the ticket centers at the festival gates and in the festival area by presenting your wristband.
    The owner of the festival or the day pass can not enter a concert in the Traditional Music Center without the extra 2 € ticket.
  • All the festival and day passes are exchanged for wristbands at the festival gates that are located on Vabaduse square and on the bridge Varesesild. The ticket and pass center on Vabaduse square is open from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m.
  • All the children aged 12 and under can enter the festival for free. To avoid possible problems of determing the age of your child, we kindly ask you to go to the ticket and pass center at your arrival, where you can present proof of age and have a wristband for your your child.
  • The youngster’s passes are for students aged 13-26 (included). Youngster’s passes are exchanged for a wristband upon presenting proof of age and student status.
  • Pensionners, profoundly disabled and repressed persons are entitled to the the day passes at a discounted price. Tickets are echanged for wristbands upon presenting a proof of eligibility for discount. Person accompanying a profoundly disabled person can enter the festival for free.
  • The amount of festival passes, day passes and youngster’s passes is limited.
  • It is forbidden to enter the festival area with pets, including animals kept in a bag or a cage.