Where to stay?

Viljandi offers accommodation for everyone. Find your favourite!

Grand Hotel Viljandi

Tartu 11, Viljandi
+372 435 5800


park hotel viljandi

J. Laidoneri plats 8, Viljandi
+372 435 3300


centrum hotel

Tallinna 24, Viljandi
+372 435 1100


Endla hotel

Endla 9, Viljandi
+372 534 57440


SPA Hotel Peetrimõisa Villa

Pirni 4, Viljandi
+372 512 3555


The Viljandi Folk Music Festival campsite is in a hidden oasis right in the heart of the town - a large apple orchard near the Viljandi market, behind the health centre. Even though the campsite is in the town centre, it’s a safe and peaceful place to spend the night thanks to a fence protecting the area from all sides. It’s located comfortably only 300 m from the festival’s main entrance at Vabaduse square, and with Viljandi Market, grocery store, bakery and town sauna all just a few steps away!