All the hotels fully booked? Friend’s couch as well? You want to be able to stand straight in your shelter and sleep in a bed? Here’s the solution – glamping!

Glamping Estonia, the official glamping partner of Viljandi Folk Music Festival, sets up its glam village just outside the festival’s entrance, 100 m from the festival area, behind the Viljandi Sports Centre.

Glamping aka luxurious camping awaits you and your friends in the glam village with big tents that are suitable for up to five people and include real beds, blankets, sheets and lighting.The order in the glamping area is maintained around the clock and you can charge your phone and get a morning coffee at the reception. Washing facilities are 200 m away at the Viljandi Sports Centre (1.50 € per wash). Parking is at the parking lot of Kaalu street (Kaalu 6).

  • two-person glamping tent for the whole festival - 450 €
  • three-person glamping tent for the whole festival - 475 €
  • four-person glamping tent for the whole festival - 500 €
  • five-person glamping tent for the whole festival - 530 €
One glamping tent includes:

  • A tent with the following measurements: bottom diameter 5 m, height 3 m, floor area 19,6 m2;
  • Carpets;
  • Beds, mattresses, duvets, pillows and bedding according to the number of beds;
  • Blankets and towels according to the number of beds;
  • Table and two chairs (not available in five-person tents);
  • Wooden boxes as nightstands;
  • Lights (LED);
  • Coat rack.
The glamping ticket is exchanged for a wristband at the gate of the glam village. The glam village opens on Thursday, July 27 at 12:00 and closes on Monday, July 31 at 11:00.

Tickets are available HERE until July 20.

More information: or on +372 5837 1729.