Useful information regarding COVID-19

This year, our festival can only be attended by people who have:

  • tested negative for COVID-19
  • have had COVID-19 
  • have vaccinated against COVID-19

Participants have to take a rapid antigen test up to 24 hours or a PCR test up to 72 hours before the start of the event. The organiser is also obligated to provide the option for a rapid antigen test on site immediately before the start of the event.

People who have had the complete set of vaccines against COVID-19 in the last 12 months are allowed to participate in the festival without taking the test. They will be exempted from the moment they have received maximum protection after vaccination, i.e. for vaccines currently in use, 7 to 15 days after the last injection, depending on the manufacturer. 

In addition, people who have had COVID-19 in the last year and later received a single dose of vaccine, or who have had COVID-19 after receiving the first dose of vaccine are also exempted from taking the test. Those people who have had COVID-19 and been declared healthy but have not received an additional dose of vaccine will be exempted from taking the test for six months after being declared healthy.

We do understand that conditions and requirements this year might be complicated, especially for visitors coming from abroad. That is why you can forward your festival pass to the next year (2022) or refund. For both options you need to fill in the application, which will be on our webpage from July 5th. You’ve got from July 5 till July 18, 2021 to fill in the form.

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