Frequently asked questions

Where is the festival held?

Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place in the town of Viljandi, its surrounding areas and in the hearts of folk festival fans! 

Where can I buy tickets from?

Tickets come on sale on the 1st of december 2019. Read more HERE.

What’s the difference between passes and tickets?

The festival pass is a wristband which gives you access to all outdoor concerts during the festival and to the concerts at St John’s church if there are vacancies. The day pass is valid on a certain day and gives you access to all outdoor concerts during the festival and to the concerts at St John’s church if there are vacancies.

Youngster's pass is for students aged 13 – 26 (included) and grants the same access as a festival pass. Senior pass is for seniors aged 65+ and grants the same access as a festival pass.

Can you pay by card the festival?

Yes, almost all our vendors take card. The fastest way to pay is to use contactless! The closest cash machine is across the road from Vabaduse Square at the SEB bank.

Where can I leave my car or bicycle?

You can leave your car at home. The streets of Viljandi are narrow and parking spaces are limited so we advise you to leave your car home. You can get to Viljandi very easily on a train or bus and there are local buses here which go round Viljandi. Take a look at bus schedules here and the local bus routes here. The train schedule can be found here. If you have to take your car, then it’s worth keeping in mind that parking in Viljandi is free and the chances of finding a parking space a higher further away from the festival area. You can leave your bicycle in the bicycle parking lot which is located on Vabaduse Square. The parking lot is under surveillance during the opening hours of the Perimetre.

What to do with children?

Take them with you! Children up to the age of 12 (included) get free entry and we’ve got a special wristband for children to avoid any confusion. We have a Children’s Area with a Children’s Stage at the festival where we hold numerous fun events. We also have a Baby Tent for the families who come to the festival with babies where you can change nappies in peace, breastfeed or just take a moment to relax from the madness of the festival.

Please read through the festival rules for guests with children!

Rules for festival guests with children

  • Get a sticker from the ticket centre for your child so you can write down their name and your contact information in case you unexpectedly go separate ways.
  • The electricity cable is not a climbing rope nor a swing even if your child is very light.
  • The end of the stage is not a place for children as it distracts other festival guests. Even if the performer allows it. Even if the parent allows it.
  • The walls of the Castle Hills are dangerous and are not meant for climbing. Even if the climber has done it numerous times before and nothing has happened!
  • You can rent headphones for your child from the Traditional Music Center which protects the fragile ears of your kids. Remember that the loud sounds at the festival might be tolerable and enjoyable for grownups but these levels might not be harmless for children.
  • Important numbers: 112 and the festival office +37258144114

Where and what can I eat?

We have a Food Alley and Picnic Area in the Perimetre where everyone will find something to eat. We also offer delicious craft drinks and interesting sweets. 

Where can I sleep?

The most convenient way to visit the festival is to stay with a friend. You can always book a room at a hotel. We also have a camping site, sleeping quarters and a glamping hotel. The campsite is located 300m from Vabaduse Square. It opens on Thursday at 12 and closes on Monday at 10.

Read more about accommodation here.

I can bring my instrument and backpack to the festival area but what happens after?

First of all, playing music on the street is allowed, even encouraged! Take your instrument and play like you’ve never played before! Just make sure that you don’t clog up the narrow points on the streets. For example, the front of the Traditional Music Center should always remain free for security reasons. But if you get tired and need a place to keep your instrument, then we’ve got an instrument and luggage storage! 

Can I go to a sauna?

Of course! Ingeri Hostel has a sauna and you can enjoy the sauna ritual in the Picnic Area as well. Viljandi Sports Hall also offers washing facilities so you’ll be squeaky clean! 

Where can I leave my rubbish?

We sort our rubbish. Always find the right bin! Be caring and nice to the environment while visit the festival and pick up litter even if it isn’t yours and put in the bin even if you’ve been partying hard! We advise reusing all your dishes. 

Can I smoke?

Yes you can, but we promote healthy living! There are special marked smokers’ areas at the concert venues to ensure that everyone enjoys the concert. Follow the signs!

Where can I sell my stuff?

If you want to sell anything at the festival, get in touch with the Sales Outlets Manager at The vendors have usually been chosen by April so you snooze, you lose!

There’s no spontaneous selling activity happening on the streets during the festivals and all special events are pre-planned. All independent sellers are sent away from the festival area together with their merchandise.

I have a super cute and well-behaved pet, can I take them with me?

No. We mean it. We know that they don’t bite but still, please leave your pets at home for your own and everyone else’s safety.

Guide, hypo and assistance dogs are welcome. So are service dogs.

What do I do if I find something that belongs to someone else?

Lost and found things can be brought to the luggage storage. If the object is suspicious, turn to the nearest security guard.

People with disabilities

ALL music lovers are more than welcome at our festival. People accompanying someone with a severe disability can enter the festival for free. Most venues have disabled access but some places might be harder to access without any help.

Can I take photos and film the festival?

Everyone who wants to professionally record the festival, needs to contact the Head of Communication.

If you upload any photos or videos from the festival to the internet, then please make yourself visible by adding #viljandifolk or #peopleofviljandifolk. Follow out social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram

Drones are not allowed to be flown at the festival. The only exception is a few of our official collaborators who have agreed it with the press and security teams.

What does it mean that the festival is sustainable?

You find out everything regarding sustainable festival from HERE.

What should I pack with me?

Viljandi Folk Music Festival is an open air festival, so keep up with the weather forecast.

  • A coat – it protects you from both the rain and the cold. Remember that you can’t bring an umbrella to the festival area but you can buy a poncho from the merchandise shop.
  • Sunscreen, something to cover your head (hat, shawl, etc) and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated on a hot day.
  • Something to sit on that you can use both at the concerts and in the picnic area.
  • Band-aids, painkillers and personal medicine. The Medical Help point is located in the Traditional Music Center and you can find out more here.
  • Mosquitos love summer nights, so bring some mosquito repellent.
  • And don’t forget your tickets! Please don’t print your tickets but find them on your phone with time to spare. Save the environment and time spent in the queue! Remember that we’ll always ask for a document to prove your eligibility if you’ve bought a reduced ticket.

What can I take with me from the festival?

A lot of emotions and tonnes of new friends! Legs which are aching from dancing can also be a nice result of a good time. But the best things to take from the festival are new skills and knowledge. We’ve got a lot of educational events going on. You can buy merchandise from the Merchandise shop next to the Traditional Music Center on the side next to Kirsimäe stage. You can also purchase festival t-shirts, stickers and albums! 

But if you feel that some negative experiences want to go home with you and you believe that the organising team can help you, contact us at and we can find a solution together.

I really want to help to organise the festival, what should I do?

Come and volunteer! You can also do your internship with us and take a closer look at how the festival is organised. Write to us at and tell us about yourself and we can find a solution together!

I can’t find an answer to my question, what should I do?

Stay calm, breathe in and out and contact us at You can find the contact details of our team here. During the festival, don’t be scared to approach team members and ask them directly! You can recognise the team members from their festival t-shirts.

Folk festival visitor’s pledge

  • I’m peaceful and respectful towards everyone
  • I enjoy the music and let others do the same
  • I’m ready for whatever the weather brings, be it a drought or heavy rain
  • I always find my way to the nearest bin
  • I won’t hurt myself with addictive substances and I won’t bring my own alcohol to the festival area
  • I’m aware that the concerts last for 60 minutes
  • I’m on time because I know that I won’t get in if I’m late to an indoor concert
  • I know where the entrances and toilets are
  • I leave the concert area after the concert
  • I keep an eye on both my people and my belongings
  • I won’t bring glass bottles, weapons, pyrotechnics or other dangerous items and substances to the concert area
  • If I’m faced with a problem I can’t solve, I’ll ask for help from the nearest organiser, member of te security personnel or policeman
  • I’ll leave my pets at home
  • I won’t put myself and others in danger by climbing on the castle walls
  • I know that the organisers and the security personnel have the right escort any guest who’s not following the festival rules out of the festival area
  • I’m aware that the organisers have the right to change the schedule



  • Handbags
  • Picnic blanket
  • Water bottle
  • Musical instruments
  • Empty reusable cups and plates
  • Glass bottles
  • Weapons
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Alcohol (can be bought from the festival area)
  • Food and drink (we won’t confiscate your half-eaten pastry but we’ll take away your large pizza)
  • Drones
  • Selfie sticks
  • Pets (even if you promise that they won’t bite)
  • Everything illegal
  • Everything that includes or can create an open fire
  • Bicycles, skateboards, ATVs and other means of transportation (except wheelchairs) should be left in the parking lot