Estonian Red Cross first raiders will be present at all concert venues and at the Traditional Music Center. Contact number: +372 5330 8311.
The closest pharmacies are located at the Viljandi Health Centre (Turu 8/10) and Centrum centre (Tallinna 24).


Freedom Square
THU 28.07 at 11.00–02.00
FRI 29.07 at 12.00–02.00
SAT 30.07 at 12.00–02.00
SUN 31.07 at 12.00–22.00

The pass holders can attend the indoor concerts at St John’s Church and the Traditional Music Center on the first come, first served basis. On Friday and Saturday, original song concerts are held at Jaak Johanson St Paul’s stage Church where all guests need to purchase a ticket which costs 10 euros for festival and day pass holders.


If you can, leave your car at home. The streets of Viljandi are narrow and there aren’t that many parking places. You can travel comfortably to Viljandi with a bus or train and we’ve got public transport in town as well. If you need to bring your car, then bear in mind that parking is no longer free inside Viljandi.
You can leave your bike in the bicycle parking lot which is located opposite Freedom Square in front of Maadlusklubi.


Freedom Square
First of all - playing music on the street is allowed and even recommended, so bring your instrument! However, if you need to store your instrument, then we’ve got an instrument and luggage store located in the Freedom Square information centre.

THU 28.07 at 11.00–02.00
FRI 29.07 at 12.00–02.00
SAT 30.07 at 12.00–02.00
SUN 31.07 at 12.00–22.00

Price: 5€ per piece of luggage per day


Festival area
THU-SAT 11.00-02.00
SUN 11.00-00.00

The festival food area has something for everyone. They’ve got foods from different countries and delightful Estonia flavours. The carefully selected menus offer great experiences even fo the most demanding foodies. They offer quality coffee and refreshing cocktails. You can find the vendors and their menus from the QR code!


Next to the Traditional Music Center on the Kirsimäe I side
THU-SAT 13.30-00.00
SUN 13.30-22.00

The festival shop sells all the festival merchandise - fan t-shirts, badges, hats, records and much more.


At Viljandi Sports Center opposite Freedom Square (Vaksali 4)

Showers on all festival days at 9.00-20.00 (ticket 1€)
Sauna on all festival days at 9.00-20.00 (ticket 2€)
You can pay by cash or card. Additional info at +372 516 6968.


St John’s churchyardIn collaboration with Solarstone, you can charge your phone with solar energy at St John’s churchyard. Based on previous experience, the charging stations are constantly busy so we recommend charging your phone at home and bringing a battery bank.


You can find us behind the horse riding monument.
Similarly to previous years, you can enjoy the Igloosauna at this year’s festival. An hour-long sauna experience with a towel and a refreshing sauna beverage costs 10€ per person. You can book on site.
THU 28.07 at 19–23
FRI 29.07 at 17–23
SAT 30.07 at 15–23
SUN 31.07 at 15–20


Can I smoke at the festival? Yes but we promote healthy living. To make sure that everyone enjoys their concert experience, we’ve installed special areas for smoking. Follow the signs!


I have an incredibly cute and well-behaving pet, can I bring them?
No. We aren’t kidding. We know that they won’t bite but still, leave your pet at home - it’s both in their own and everyone else’s interest.
Guide, hypo and assistance dogs are welcome. Service dogs are also allowed in.


Lost and found items can be brought to the luggage store, Freedom Square ticket sales tent or to the Traditional Music Center.
If the item is unknown or suspicious, contact the nearest security guard.
Festival headquarters: +372 5814 4114
Festival info: +372 434 2050


All music lovers are welcome to the festival. People who accompany severely disabled people can enter for free. Most concert venues are accessible for all but access to some of them might be difficult without additional help.
Please ask for help from the nearest organiser or security guard or contact the festival headquarters at +373 5814 4114.


All professional filmmakers, please contact
Drones are not allowed at the festival. There are a few exceptions - some collaboration partners have special permission from the press and security managers.
If you upload any videos or photos taken at the festival, then please make yourself visible by tagging them with #viljandifolk or #peopleofviljandifolk.
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